Shirt and Tie for the Mostly Male Stamp Camp

Check out the shirt and tie cards we will be creating for the Mostly Male Stamp Camp on August 3rd and 4th.  I truly thought this would be a challenging project, but it looks harder than it is.  The shirt is made with a score line, 2 – 1” cuts and 2 folds.  The tie has several folds, but I will have pictures, sample ties, and my great hands-on assistance to guide you through the folding process.  You will have a choice of colors and patterns for your shirt and tie.

Shirt 1Shirt 4          








Notice the the collar of the shirt on the left.  It matches the shirt.  This process requires an extra score and fold.  The shirt on the right has a patterned collar which was a major blooper on my part.  I should have scored from the other end which had no pattern and the collar would have been a pale blue which would have coordinated with the shirt, tie, and card.Shirt 3

Shirt 2 better    








The card on the left has a patterned collar which coordinates nicely with the tie.  The tie on the right has the matching collar.  I will show you how to do both collars.  Embossing folders were used on these 2 cards – Perfect Polka Dots for the card on the left and Houndstooth for the card on the right. 

Shirt rice paperThe shirt and tie card to the right was the last and best!  I actually used rice paper for the tie.  Rice paper is thin and is perfect for folds.  The tie was easy to fold and lays quite flat.  If you have any origami or rice paper at home, and wish to use that for your shirt and/or tie, please feel free to bring it with you. 

Don’t forget to mark your calendars now for the Mostly Male Stamp Camp on August 3rd from 4 PM to 9 PM & August 4th from 9 AM to 4 PM.

Give me a call if you  have any questions.  Blessings, Rosemary – 630/759-3089

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  1. Very cute!!! I love the purses, too!

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