Special Season Dryer Sheet Card

We’ve been talking about making a dryer sheet card for the past month and finally, the time has come.  My sister sent me this idea and although you can make cards using this technique any time during the year, a Christmas tree works beautifully!  However, I will warn you that you might end up “wearing” glitter.  Dryer Sht Tree plain

Can you see the sparkle from the glitter on top of the dryer sheet?  It is very hard to discern in the photo.  This card is really quite simple.  We used the Special Season tree image found on page 29 of the holiday catalogue.  We stamped the bottom tree in Garden Green; then without re-inking the stamp, we stamped another tree to the right of the original image.  Finally, we re-inked the tree again, stamped off, and stamped the 3rd tree to the left of the original image.  Then we took a used dryer sheet, ironed to remove the wrinkles, and sprayed it with a spray fixative (I use Elmer’s Craft Spray Adhesive).  The sticky dryer sheet was laid sticky side down over the stamped card stock and smoothed out.  Excess dryer sheet was trimmed off and Dazzling Diamonds was sprinkled over and pressed into the dryer sheet.  After the excess glitter had been shaken off the card, we added a bit of silver ribbon on 2 of the corners, and adhered this top layer to a Garden Green card. The finished card sparkles like fresh fallen snow.

This second card has one minor difference – the ornaments on the bottom tree were colored with Smooch before adding the dryer sheet..  I like Smooch as it is shinier than a marker.  The ornaments are not noticeable in the first card but you can faintly see them in this second card.  The decision to color the ornaments or not is up to  you.  I like the cards both ways,

Dryer Sht Tree decorated

This wraps up the 5 cards we will be making in our October Stamp Camp.  5 cards – $12,00,  The dates again are:  Thursday, October 3rd from 2 – 9 PM, Friday, Oct 4th from 2 – 9 PM and Saturday, Oct 5th from 9 AM – 4 PM. If it is more convenient for you to come earlier on any of those days, just let me know and I will be able to accommodate you.

If you think you will be able to attend, it would be helpful if you could let me know which day you will be attending.  If you won’t know until closer to or the day of Stamp Camp, there is no problem as we always have extra packets ready.

Mark your calendars now for November Stamp Camp which will be held on November 7th,  8th and 9th.  We will be featuring Thanksgiving/Fall and Christmas.

Blessings, Rosemary – 630/759-3089 – paperrose01@aol.com

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