04.23.23 Go To Greetings NoteLet’s pretend you just saw a new doctor and he was able to diagnose your aching foot, or your postman helped pick you up after you fell of your bicycle in the middle of the street.  You want to send a casual note to acknowledge their action but you want to use a handmade card.  Or it’s your not favorite brother-in-law’s birthday so you have to send a card or your sister will never forgive you.  And of course, it had better be a handmade card.  Go To Greetings is the stamp set you need.

04.23.23 Good Greetings

The 4 basic greetings are Happy Birthday, Thinking of You, Just a Note, and Thank You.  The greetings come in 3 different sizes and are perfect for a semi-professional card.  HELLO is included in the smallest size.

04.23.23 Go To Greetings HBThe Happy Birthday card shown here uses the middle script shown above.  The Fancy Frames Dies provide an attractive frame for the sentiment but again, looks semi-professional.  The Fancy Frames are layered on Adhesive Sheets to ease the process of adhering the frame to the card front.  3 rhinestones are colored with a royal blue permanent Sharpie.  This adds a more personal touch to the card. 

04.23.23 Go To Greetings MessageThe message layer is embellished with a single stem of leaves die-cut in Starry Sky to match the card.  This is the perfect card for an acknowledgement occasion. 

So far we’ve seen 3 very distinctive cards.  Please let me know as soon as you can, which cards you would like to make and what day/s you would like to come for May Stamp Camo.

Blessings, Rosemary – (H)630.759.3089 – (C)630.965.1965 – paperrose01@aol.com


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  1. Will take 1 card with each saying and could I get one with thank you stampedTotal 3 cards Sheila

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